Name That Country Game

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Name That Country Game

The Geography Game That's Fun AND Educational

Name That Country Game teaches countries, capitals, and other interesting facts...

Challenge everyone with this fast-paced geography game! Everyone begins at the post office. Players twirl a finely printed spinner to select one of 60 countries. If the player can correctly identify the country's location on the board's numbered map, she or he may advance along the path to the finish. Bonus moves are won by landing on "postcard" spaces, listening to the clues on one of the 40 postcards, and correctly identifying the pen pal's country. A more challenging game can be achieved by requiring players to name the country's capital; answers are provided!

This exciting game for 2-4 players will teach students locations, capitals, and important facts about countries around the world. Fun and educational for the whole family! Name That Country Game
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Name That Country Game -- The fun way to learn about world geography!

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