Educational Microscope

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Educational Microscope

Discovery Channel Macro Microscope

Children will learn of a whole new world with this educational microscope for kids!

Enrich your child's mind with this exclusive Discovery Channel Educational Microscope! View everything from butterfly wings to plant cell walls with this tool designed exclusively for The Discovery Channel. Micro and Macro settings let you explore objects from 20 to 400 times their actual size, with super clear images at every level.

Constructed of a pivoting die-cast metal base, high-impact plastic, soft textured handgrips and a flexible, 360-degree rotating eyepiece, the 4-pound educational microscope ensures maximum stability and comfort for every viewing situation. All lenses are made of precision ground metal with optical quality glass and are designed to be interchangeable with most standard research quality microscopes. Two easy-to-replace PR4 lens bulbs create the Microscope's independent light source, which focus a light beam on (or through) the specimen in a clear, white viewing light.

Includes five vials of remarkable specimens to examine as well as five prepared slides—two insect cross sections, two plant cross sections and one slide with a real Peruvian Mummy Wrap! Also includes tweezers, eye-dropper, measuring beaker, spoon, blank slides for collecting your own specimens and an experiment booklet – all designed to help you explore your world!
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The best educational microscope available !

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