iQuest Electronic Tutor

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iQuest Electronic Tutor

The Fun Electronic Tutor for Students

iQuest covers over 170,000 questions based on more than 260 real textbooks !

iQuest is the hip handheld that prepares students for tests in math, science, and social studies with study questions based on their textbooks. Small enough to fit in the front of a backpack, the iQuest also keeps students organized with a scheduler, address book, dictionary, and calculator.

The curriculum is designed by educational experts at The Princeton Review, and covers the subjects of math, science, and social studies. With hints to help you through the tougher sections, instant feedback and encouragement, and humor and animations to keep you entertained, it's a sure-fire way to get better results on your tests at school.

The iQuest handheld electronic tutor provides a customized learning experience that revolutionizes the way students study for tests and quizzes--by making the process fun, fast, and effective.

iQuest supports all major textbook publishers, including Harcourt Brace: Holt Rinehart Winston, Houghton-Mifflin: McDougal Littell, McGraw-Hill: Glencoe, and Pearson: Prentice Hall.
iQuest Electronic Tutor
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iQuest - the electronic tutor for everone !

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