Electronics Kit

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Electronics Kit

Electronics Kit

Learn the basic principles of electricity, electronics, physics and magnetism hands-on!

This 130-in-One Electronic Kit by Elenco Electronics Inc. is a great introduction to beginning and advanced electronics for everyone! The kit comes complete with everything you need to perform 130 fascinating electronic experiments, with no tools or soldering required.

This electronics kit has everything you need to build (and learn about) an AM broadcasting station, an electronic organ, strobe lights, a timer, logic circuits and much more! Features of the kit include a built-in speaker, 7-segment LED display, two fully-integrated circuits and rotary controls and more.

Includes an easy-to-read, illustrated lab-style electronics manual. Requires six (6) "AA" Batteries, not included.

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The 130-in-one Electronics Kit by Elenco Electronics !

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