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Free Instructional Sites:

How to draw Freeza from Dragon Ball Z - illustrated lesson about how to draw Freeza   (Rating: 6.90 Votes: 3924)   Rate this site: 5 6 7 8 9 10  Read Comments (56)

Learn to draw anime style - a set of illustrated how-to guides on anime-realted topics, including how to draw anime eyes and heads, the drawing process, how to draw Pokemon and more   (Rating: 6.99 Votes: 3258)   Rate this site: 5 6 7 8 9 10  Read Comments (28)

Magna University - detailed, iluustrated online tutorials for drawing anime, covering such topics as applying screen tone, anime clothing and folds, gdrawing a general anime face, how to draw backgrounds, how to draw anime ears, drawing eyes, how to draw anime hands, how to draw anime males and more   (Rating: 7.35 Votes: 4065)   Rate this site: 5 6 7 8 9 10  Read Comments (301)

Baka Neko - Anime Drawing Tutorials - thoroughly illustrated guides to drawing anime, covering anatomy basics, drawing fundamentals, female poses, anime hair, anime hands, head and faces, the male figure, anime muscle, the male figure, female figure, male faces, female faces, computer coloring, the super deformed, computer lineart for Photoshop and more   (Rating: 6.96 Votes: 3008)   Rate this site: 5 6 7 8 9 10  Read Comments (6)

How To Draw Anime Style Art - short, illustrated guides to containing basic anime drawing instruction, including how to draw anime faces, drawing anime bodies with correct proportions, anime-style eyes, how to develop an authentic anime style and more   (Rating: 6.83 Votes: 1906)   Rate this site: 5 6 7 8 9 10

Manga Tutorials - a collection of basic to advanced manga drawing tutorials, covering anime drawing materials, the color wheel, shade and shadow, anime storymaking, manga basics, character creation systems, anime anatomy, emotional expressions, manga clothes, manga weapons, motion lines and much more   (Rating: 6.81 Votes: 1825)   Rate this site: 5 6 7 8 9 10

Polykarbon: Tutorials! - a large number of illustrated, step-by-step guides on drawing Anime, covering the materials needed, the basics, how to draw hands, feet, hair, men, women, 3/4 views, action poses, facial features, male and female features, clothing, weapons, storyboards and more   (Rating: 7.21 Votes: 3163)   Rate this site: 5 6 7 8 9 10  Read Comments (65)

Rocket's How to Draw Manga - an illustrated, step-by-step guide to drawing in the Japanese Manga style, with notes on the Basic anatomy of Manga hair, Manga eyes, using Photoshop and Super deform, and specific techniques for drawing Sasami Kawaii, Ryoko, Son Goku and Lum   (Rating: 6.88 Votes: 3605)   Rate this site: 5 6 7 8 9 10  Read Comments (26)

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Most Recommended Instructional Books

How To Draw "Manga": Illustrating Battles - A richly illustrated and detailed instructional book on drawing realistic Manga battle scenes. It is designed particularly for those who are beyond the "beginner" stage (makes a nice next step from the free instructional sites on this page!)

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Instructional Anime Books
How to Draw Anime & Game Characters : Basics for Beginners and Beyond
How to Draw Anime & Game Characters : Expressing Emotions
Draw 50 Monsters, Creeps, Superheroes, Demons, Dragons, Nerds, Dirts, Ghouls, Giants, Vampires, Zombies, and Other Curiosa...
Draw Alien Fantasies
Draw Fantasy: Dragons, Centaurs, and Other Mythological Characters
Draw! Medieval Fantasies
Draw the Marvel Comics Super Heroes
Dynamic Figure Drawing
Encyclopedia of Fantasy and Science Fiction Art Techniques, The
Fantasy Art (Learn to Draw)
Fantasy Art Techniques
How to Draw Comic Book Bad Guys and Gals
How to Draw Comic Book Heroes and Villains
How to Draw Dc Comics Super Heroes
How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way
How to Draw Fantasy Characters
How to Draw Great-Looking Comic Book Women
How To Draw Knights, Kings, Queens and Dragons
How to Draw Those Bodacious Bad Babes of Comics
How to Draw Wonder Woman

General Anime Picture Books (for inspiration!)
Anime Companion: What's Japanese in Japanese Animation
Anime Essentials: Every Thing a Fan Needs to Know
Anime Trivia Quizbook: From Easy to Otaku Obscure : Episode 1
Dreamland Japan: Writings on Modern Manga
Encyclopedia of Japanese Pop Culture
Hayao Miyazaki: Master of Japanese Animation : Films, Themes, Artistry
Manga! Manga!: The World of Japanese Comics
Samurai from Outer Space: Understanding Japanese Animation

The Business of Drawing
How to Survive and Prosper As an Artist: Selling Yourself Without Selling Your Soul
Art and Reality: The Standard Reference Guide and Business Plan for Actively Devloping Your Career As an Artist
Career Opportunities in Art (Career Opportunities in Art, 3rd Ed)
Careers in Art and Graphic Design

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Most Recommended Instructional Videos:

Drawing: Learning Professional Techniques - An instructional video on foundational drawing skills, with specific instruction in contour drawing, gesture drawing, one and two-point perspective, accent line, using basic shapes and crosshatching and shading to create form, drawing landscapes and more.

Other Useful Instructional Videos:

Art Made Easy: Let's Learn How To Draw
Art Made Easy: Let's Draw People's Bodies
Art Made Easy: Let's Draw People's Faces
Art Made Easy: Let's Learn How to Draw
Draw Your Own Blitz Comic Strip
Drawing - Aerial Perspective
Drawing - Linear Perspective
Drawing - Portraiture
Drawing - Shading
Drawing an Image
Drawing Landscapes with Pencil and Ink
Drawing and Sketching With Markers
How to Draw Blitz Cartoons
How to Draw Cartoon Animals
How To Draw Monsters
Introduction to Power Drawing
Learn Basic Blitz Drawing
Portrait Drawing in Charcoal

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