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Critical Thinking Across the Curriculum Project - Comments

Critical Thinking Across the Curriculum Project - a text-based guide to some of the core concepts of critical thinking, covering a short history of logic, symbolic (or formal) logic vs informal logic (or critical thinking), the point of studying critical thinking, the vocabulary and basic concepts of logic and arguments, the logical form (structure) of good and bad arguments, the types of (informal) incorrect reasoning (fallacies), new ways to look at language as proposing new theories of how words are to be used, the usual sources of our information and the most common ways we are led astray by them and more

Clarissa Falcon   16-April-2002 - 13:37:47
Excellent concepts about logic, and arguments.

Eloise   15-August-11 - 23:03:25
You've got it in one. Couldn't have put it betetr.

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