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Babel: Arabic - Comments

Babel: Arabic - an illustrated, RealAudio-enhanced beginner course in the Arabic language roughly equvalent to the first three weeks of a university-level introductory course, covering useful beginning phrases, counting, writing Arabic, vocabulary, grammar and more

Mohd Rehman   05-April-2003 - 06:28:44
This is a very good site for learning arabic, and has lessons for u to understand how the language is, Iam thankful to the people who are involved in building this site

Mac   21-April-2003 - 15:58:57
The site has potential.
However, what was very irritating was the flashing ads.
They were definitely a distraction.
And, in addition, the "pop-up" ads each time I clicked on the site to read further on a topic.
Unfortunately, these were so distracting that, although this is an interesting beginning site, such might well preclude returning.
And, one must return and use this over and over as Arabic is NOT something one learns in a brief time.
I would hope that whomever is working this site and presenting this service finds a site without the flashing ads and the pop-ups.

Naz   10-May-2004 - 12:44:34
I found this site to be a really good start and supplement to some of the books I had which posed to be more difficult. Babel Arabic helped to learn alot of the basics that were not so well explained in classical arabic texts. Great site! I wish there was much more!

praveen   12-August-2005 - 12:09:38

Linda   17-November-2007 - 01:30:37
A practical site with details that help a lot!

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