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Theory-on-the-Web - an online music theory course, illustrated by both images and MIDI files, intended to serve as an interactive, hypertext instruction method for a complete preparation to enter a two-year music theory curriculum at NASM institutions, and covering fundamentals such as rhythm, meter, pitch, modes and scales, key signatures, intervals, tendency tones and minor scales, harmony including the overtone series, triads and seventh chords, inversion of chords, chords in musical practice, basic harmonic function and cadences, part writing and analysis such as melodic principles, writing chords in inversion, principles of part writing, non-chord tones, basic form and analysis and more

Shannon   14-February-2001 - 17:06:30
This website is great and has helped me with my College Beginning Theory. It's great to have musical examples you can hear also!

fred   19-June-2002 - 02:33:31
it is great

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