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Wrights Classroom: Needlework - Comments

Wrights Classroom: Needlework - short, illustrated guides and lessons on crochet and general needlework, covering chain stitching, single crochet, slip stitch, finishing techniques and checking gauge, as well as guides on how to make an acorn with a crocheted cap, golf club covers, crocheted purse, crocheted baby booties, swedish weaving, daffodil lace scarf, hairpin lace, dish towel topper, dish cloth crochet bunnies, crochet stocking, crochet christmas tree, crochet snowman, lacy crochet basket and more

julie   28-November-2000 - 15:56:31
i have been crocheting for more years than i care to remember and can crochet just about anything, however i have never been able to find the instructions on how to do hair pin lace. i now feel i can conqure even this. thanks classroom

laura   22-April-2001 - 04:00:27
Thank you very much! This is something I been looking for such a long time.It was great!!!

Val   16-May-2002 - 15:45:55
I have a pattern for a baby sacque, hat, mittens, and booties. I am having trouble understanding the directions for the hat. If you can help me, I would appreciate it. The directions starts:

With F hook, ch 2, 8 sc in 2nd st from hook, join in 1st sc, turn.
2nd Round: Ch 3, dc in same space, 2 dc in each sc all around, join, ch 1, turn -- 16 dc.
3rd Round: * 1 sc in next dc, 2 sc in next dc, repeat from * all around, join -- 24 sc.
NEXT 5 Rounds: Alternating rounds work 1 round in dc, 1 round in sc, inc 1 st in each of the 8 inc points having 1 more st between incs in each round, join, do not turn -- 64 sts.

These are the first set of directions before I begin the regular pattern that is on the sacque (which I know how to do).
However, I am stuck at the (Next 5 Rounds). What exactly am I alternating? and if I have already completed up to the 3rd Round (which are the sc stitches), am I to start working my first round (of the next 5 rounds), in dc (in each sc space of the last round I worked), or am I to begin agin (my 4th round), with sc in each present sc space? Also, am I to still join (and turn), at the of the 4th round before beginning the 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th rounds, or not? Please help me. I am totally confused. My cap's top is not turning inward to form a cap the way I am doing it. Also, when I begin dc in the spaces of my last row of sc, I am ending the round with approximately 24-25 dc and if I do alternating rows of dc and sc in each space, when I complete 5 more additional rounds, I will end up with more than 64 stitches. Also...how do I do inc (increase stitches), in order to make the (inc points?).


Robbie   13-March-2003 - 01:37:51
I thought the site was great. Especially when I saw the pillow with the daisy. It was on the Carol Duvall show yesterday. I just love watching Carol but I wish that she would spend just alittle more time with some of the guest doing the crafts. Doing the pillow went just too fast. But thank heaven for your website. The way I got to your web site was that I logged into WannaLearn homepage hoping to find instructions on crocheting; which I found. Keep up the good work and am looking forward to seeing you on the Carol Duvall Show again.

Carol   25-April-2005 - 09:03:07
I'm looking for instructions on making a stitch called waffle stitch. When you look down on your project, it looks just like a waffle

Dash   18-May-11 - 20:34:34
I'm out of league here. Too much brain power on dsiplay!

Anne Germann   16-August-11 - 11:42:15
Well Written and easy to understand site. A lot of excellent tips for crochet teachers to be able to give this site to their students at their last class to help with the continuation of the learning of the craft

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