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Gymnast's Hints and Tips Page - Comments

Gymnast's Hints and Tips Page - concise guides with diagrams to many gymnastics moves on the vault, bars, beam and floor, as well as several exercises to help increase strength

James Nicholas   22-March-2002 - 23:38:46
Quite good thanks

dadno   12-February-2005 - 11:57:50
brilliant advice !!!!!!!! will come back !!!!!

katie   12-July-2005 - 15:52:45
this syt was amazin
lv yaz
katie xoxox

Kelly Adams   10-September-2005 - 20:42:29
very good site

Katie   25-February-2006 - 19:10:56
I liked you're website but since I am only a beginner I need tips on how to do things like flip-flops, hand-springs, front-walk overs and back-walk overs.

Chania   27-March-2006 - 13:17:00
I went on your webby and tried out some of the moves. When i next went to my gymnastic clubs, withins and bolton arena, i was realy good and had learnt how to do a hand spring, backward walkover an backward handspring.
Thankyou xxxxxxx...................................xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.
I will defanatly visit your site in the futare.

BRITTANY =)   28-August-2006 - 17:33:15
Needs moves like back hip circle and handstand foward roll.

Jake   16-March-2007 - 02:07:21
A pretty good site, but I would like to see some videos or some actual photos. P.S. I love the stck figures!

sasha   06-July-2007 - 17:42:48
i think is it good.

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