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Oracle PL/SQL Lessons - Comments

Oracle PL/SQL Lessons - A set of lessons on Procedural Language extensions to SQL (PL/SQL), covering fundamentals, formatting, variables, conditional controls, database interaction, loops, exceptions, records and more

lisa zhang   12-August-2000 - 19:29:25
I learned a lot from this site. It is great lesson and easy to understand.

George   11-November-2001 - 10:49:29
I wanna learn, learn bad, that's why I am here,thanks for this site.

John   07-September-2004 - 16:03:16
The content may be good. i dont know. But the way the content is organised is very bad. The content is spread across a lot of small paragraph length pages. You have to do a lot of clicking (and waiting for the ads to load) to read the articles.

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