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Learn to draw anime style - Comments

Learn to draw anime style - a set of illustrated how-to guides on anime-realted topics, including how to draw anime eyes and heads, the drawing process, how to draw Pokemon and more

Jonathan   23-September-2002 - 21:10:15
thnx ur site helped alot im giving ur site a 10

Annie   30-November-2003 - 21:20:41
Thank you so much, you gave some really good advice. Thanks so much.

Andrew   06-August-2004 - 16:12:16
Its alright.

emma   04-November-2004 - 13:38:17
the eye drawings are great and it really helped me learn to draw eyes. It is a really great birthday present too. (today is my birthday)


Dianne   07-July-2005 - 12:58:54
It rocks! I draw like a pro now!

Shadow   08-July-2005 - 12:36:59
Please Julie your site is awesome never seen better you must be great at drawing me bud told me about your website!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pineapple   07-August-2005 - 02:25:25
Im Pineapple and I draw all day,
drawing is my life and my way,
and I'll keep on drawing until the end of days.

Richard Jackson   18-September-2005 - 15:45:26
I think that this page was an exelent example of the ways other people/groups should create their anime web pages. This site doesnt just tell you how to draw it shows you and gives visual and in depth detail. plus I think that this art is awsome and it really helped my picture outcomes. THIS SITE ROCKS P.S. I'm one of the biggest manga freaks out there.

Jess   30-January-2006 - 20:39:45
The easy 1 step at a time instructions are perfect for begginers, and those who have been drawing for a long time. the photoshop guide really helped me too. YAY! now i know how to use it! ^_^ thank you!

Erika   09-March-2006 - 19:56:28
This is really a motivational page ^_^ it really helps for beginners like me to remember that things ^__^.

J   10-April-2006 - 08:51:53
If you made easy sections to learn how to draw these complicated characters, I think it would be easier to learn instead of putting all of the features on one piece of paper. It gets slightly overwhelming!: ) But then again, this is just a suggestion.

Richard   07-January-2007 - 15:57:10
Your site really inspired me....... Now I know how to take curil comments.... I wish you could put out a page on how to draw anime step by step..... But I got to go I just wanted to you u did a good job thhis web site.........

Jenica   16-May-2007 - 18:52:26
This site is really cool it taught me more about anime drawing than I thought. I even can use these skill in my sketchings!
Two thumbs up!

Joy Lyn   22-May-2007 - 10:24:44
i want to learn how to draw even a simple anime face would make me happy.please teach me how.thank you

malik hijazi   28-May-2007 - 10:30:38
evu ery thing is perfect,
but i wanna ask if you have more different kind of drawing like : drawing animals , portrait , ......
or such an oil painting lessons

thank you a lot ..

Baran,Aldren V.   28-December-2007 - 23:59:06
I learn a lot thank you!

lea   03-May-2008 - 21:23:34
Not anywhere near helpful if you want to succeed in art.

Beka m   26-July-2008 - 22:23:53
This site is so totally rockin'! this persons seriously down to earthand is strong enough to admit that their not perfect. Great work dude and best of luck for ur anime stuff, you look really talented.

kurrista   28-January-10 - 14:23:15
love this site! It really gives you a sence of direction in how to draw anime!


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