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Useful Swahili Words - Comments

Useful Swahili Words - a text-only guide to practical Swahili vocabulary, including greetings, pronouns, general conversational phrases, days of the week, numbers, time and animals, complete with print references

louise   03-June-2003 - 17:28:16
very good site

tim   30-December-2003 - 04:57:43
just what I need for quick funcional learning

Elissa   07-May-2004 - 18:22:26
Gives me helpful words.

Ilie RAICA   08-March-2007 - 10:57:51
Very interesting and useful.

PROF OBED MOJEKWU ANIZOBA   11-September-11 - 08:24:55
This is a beautiful work which can be invaluable to a non indigenious Swahili speaker.

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