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Learn To Speak Tagalog - Comments

Learn To Speak Tagalog - a concise, text-based introduction to many useful tagalog words and phrases, especially helpful for travelers

Joephrey   11-January-2002 - 00:17:07
Dapat mag lagay po kayo ng mga iba pang salita na tagalog katulad ng : At means In.

Marvet   15-November-2002 - 22:26:43
Its good to know that we can learn more Tagalog language in the net to further our knowledge on it.

Dale   29-November-2002 - 00:47:55
To whom it may concern,

I would like a system that has an accurate phoneticly spelled word after each Tagalog word or phrase. (preferably when an English only speaker generated the phonetic words, not a Filipino. (no disrespect)

It would be good if you had the entire alphabet and diphthongs with the best English word making the desired Pilipino sound next to it. Then underline the appropriate letters of the English sound, such as the letter "g" with the word "gum" (the "g would be underlined) as the equivilent "g" sound.

If you had the accented syllables in bold print, and show the syllable divisions, that would really help.

That would take a lot of extra work probably. However, the alphabet and diphthongs would be a one time effort.

Many have probably already mentioned the above.

I like your choice of phrases!



lianne   31-December-2002 - 13:42:48
i think some of the phrases in the site were not translated into English properly. I also think that the site should include pronunciations and phonetic sounds for the Filipino Alphabet.

Andrew   12-February-2003 - 17:33:15
how about the Tagalog 'k' sound...ain't got that in english, any step by step procedure as to how to make this sound ... haha ... no seriously? :-D

zesjut   29-May-2003 - 06:53:39
This site has very low quality compared to the other one and it's very scarce in content (part of the SEAsite Project). This site could be submited to seasite-tagalog to be linked as a section. Just a suggestion.

Henry   18-June-2003 - 18:34:32
I want to propse to my girlfreind in Tagalog can some one tell me how to say it. What I want to say is "Will you Marry me?" Email me at shazaam1@cox.net hurry please

Kelley Manabat   14-February-2004 - 13:58:19
i was impressed with the content. it has been very helpful for me

Ahmed Rashad   25-August-2004 - 21:45:07
I like this language , and i like Philippinse too , my name's Ahmed ,24y.o, from Egypt

Ross   12-September-2004 - 14:46:48
I'm trying to do the same thing as the guy above, I'd like to propose to my girlfriend in tagalog. If someone could tell me how, I'd be most appriciative :) thanks

Janica Quintana   13-September-2005 - 12:21:23
Hi, I am Hispanic and my Fiance is from Philippians. Lately I been teaching him how to speak my first language (Spanish) and I am learing how to speak his native language Tagolog.

maria   22-March-2006 - 19:59:06
It is hard but it is my native language and is fun too learn

Noodles   02-September-2007 - 20:15:47
I have a problem.

I want to do something special for a filipina girl that ive been dating. I want to go steady with her. Im planning to ask her to be my girlfriend but i want to do it in tagalog. Does anyone know how i can to that??? I speak and understand tagalog but i just dont know how can u be romantic asking a girl to be your girlfriend. Can someone pleaze help. Thanks in Advance

roseanna   26-September-2007 - 16:28:04
i love it

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