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John Lovett: Painting Lessons - Comments

John Lovett: Painting Lessons - a collection of painting instructions, watercolour lessons, notes on design and colour and other information on techniques and materials, with specific instructions for painting hats, using compound colours,getting started with watercolours, industrial stuff, painting shadows, design elements and principles, colour theory, landscape, repetition, planning washes, painting skies, tonal contrast, painting trees, what to include, direction, texture, photography and more

Radnour Acton-Page   24-June-2002 - 17:42:54
Really helped on both skies and trees.

Betty Brown   13-March-2003 - 19:59:53
I bought his instructional CD and am finding it very useful in loosening up my painting style. His CD is exceptionally well designed. A novice or intermediate or a very experienced painter may find new ways to develop their styles. I hope he will do a sequel. Perhaps featuring the elements:
weather, skies, natural textures, etc. Thanks for the opportunity to praise this accomplished and generous painter. Glad he's around!!!
My best, Betty Brown

Helen Spinali   05-December-2003 - 14:06:18
A new door in watercolor painting has opened for me since I have bought John's book and cd. I did not copy his demo painting to call my own art work...but I have applied his Methods and Technique to what I desire to paint. The new technique is so pleasing to so many that my painting of "Scarlet Poppies in the Sun" have just won him first place.
All Thanks and Praise to you John...

Happy Holidays,
With Love and Light to you,

Kathy   19-January-2004 - 15:22:44
I am a big fan of John Lovett and have also used his book, "Watercolor for the Fun of It". He is an Australian professional artist specializing in water color painting. Lots of helpful suggestions on materials and technique from someone who has lots of experience in teaching as well as painting. I highly recommend this site.

R. brouwer   19-January-2004 - 22:45:20
One of the best instrutional on web I've come across

Br. Tom Davis, OSA   15-March-2004 - 23:12:21
I have John's book, and along with this great site, I have learned so much. Thanks John!

Carol   08-May-2004 - 13:04:08
One of the best tutorial sites I've come across. Easy to understand written instruction with actual how to pictures. A very well thoughtout site. The emphasis is truely on instructing rather than trying to dazzle me with how good the artist is. (Who, by the way, I think is great.) Thank you!!!!!

jan   12-May-2004 - 12:46:24
As a beginning watercolorist, John Lovett's short lessons were just what I needed to gain confidence. I completed the lesson on the hat and bird with successful results. I'm anxious to try more.

Steve   27-July-2004 - 09:11:31
A really nice, understandable overview of all the components that go into making a great painting. Nice job.

Katie   25-May-2005 - 19:30:48
Nice and easy to understand

Ted   26-September-2005 - 19:21:11
What can I say......Tops

Asit   02-November-2005 - 16:59:32
I've been painting watercolours for several years (amateur!!), and I was curious to find out what kind of sites there are for painting tips. I found your site very stimulating and interesting, and I liked your style. Mine is rather different, and mosly landscapes for which I make simple and quick sketches in the "field"to bring home and keep for later.

Vanessa Chavez   20-March-2006 - 06:17:09
i could easily understand! thanks!

Claudia   02-March-2007 - 18:32:16
Great tutorial!

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