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Revolutionary Tennis - Comments

Revolutionary Tennis - an innovative, step-by-step approach to bettering your tennis game for both tennis pros and recreational players, covering the geometric reality of tennis, how the feet work, the area of demand, power and making the power work

manu   14-January-2001 - 18:45:55
A lot of refreshing ideas about how to learn tennis.

Steven   24-February-2002 - 13:08:57
This site is awesome!!! It has 10 downloadable word documents that cover basic and advanced tennis tips and easy ways to improve your game. This site helped me quite a bit and it should help you too.

nova patel   11-May-2002 - 14:50:30
I read your site frequently but till jan02 no article ,please give
articles frequently
a great site I really appreciate lessons

David Bolduc   31-May-2002 - 10:31:44
This site provided information about how to hit a tennis ball that I've never seen anywhere else. And it works! It changed my game; not only giving me much more power, but also making the game physically easier by improving my court movment and positioning. Excellent instructional site.

Shahzad   05-June-2002 - 16:11:03
its so simple and brillient that even I feel like a professional

Rich   24-November-2002 - 12:52:07
This is it! The best instructional site on the net. Proper contact alignment and the power zone is everything.

paolo mutinelli   24-January-2003 - 06:19:05
very very usefull

mark   17-June-2003 - 15:33:19
it messed my brain up

JT   23-July-2003 - 20:46:29
Very, very good. Too many tennis instructors are out of work tennis bums (said affectionally) . They teach in cliches, without knowing physics or bio kinetics. Mark Papas is a teacher - a very patient teacher.

Eric   27-August-2003 - 16:31:38
This site has great information on footwork, backhand and forehand techniques! I've taken lessons from several instructors but this free website affected and improved my game more than any of them. The techniques presented simplify, add power, topspin and consistency to your stroke. The footwork section will be the most difficult to integrate since that's the most instinctive part of your game, but it will save you lots of steps and get you to ball quicker and earlier in the court.

I was regularly playing with 4 other 4.0 level players with mixed results. After Revolutionary Tennis convert now I'm the guy to beat in our group.

Try it, trust the backhand section, it feels weird at first but it does work. The only downside is there isn't any information on slice or server.

kunal padhiar   01-February-2004 - 02:10:26
all 11 step are great way to learn tennis.this is the best site on net.please give artical every month.

Alberto   04-March-2004 - 22:46:03
This web site is much more than "an innovative approach to bettering your tennis game". It is a scientific document about tennis. It furthers the understanding of the game for the whole of humankind.

Congratulations to Mark Papas for keeping it open and free. He deserves the nobel prize in tennis!.

B.E.   17-June-2004 - 12:27:26
it's all been said before and in less complicated terms

noel   15-October-2004 - 07:17:14
Can you discuss the mechanics of the SERVE.

Manny   15-October-2004 - 07:21:53
I'm having trouble extracting STEPS 2, 8, 10, 11, and ON ROTATION using Word.

Herman   28-October-2004 - 10:43:02
Complete instruction

Jamie   28-September-2005 - 22:03:51
It really gives me a good idea on how to hit with power. It is instructional and tells you everything

Neal P Jones   08-October-2005 - 23:17:17
Thanks for the info, many children will benifit from your info, as I voluteer to help kids in need. I didn't want to buy a book for this effort as I'm not getting paid. Your kindness, by posting this info, is greatly appriciated.

Jason   22-June-2006 - 13:13:14
Very well done. I am impressed with the detail and pictures chosen.

Anthony Riello   25-September-2007 - 19:44:06
Very insightful and very analytical

Schmid Rased   31-March-10 - 10:51:31
Wonderful site, and tennis deserves to be given for free in such an elegant way after so many dirty $$$ have been charged for almost nothing. I recommend that people do pick up their rackets and balls and trust that they can teach themselves on their own at last. Thank you!

Jessie   15-August-11 - 21:41:47
Kudos! What a neat way of thinikng about it.

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