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The Figure Drawing Lab - Comments

The Figure Drawing Lab - an illustrated tutorial on accepted conventions of figure drawing that have been used to model the figure since antiquity, with specific sections on proportion, shading and texture, and anatomical construction.
WARNING: this site contains some nude drawings in an artistic, non-sexual context, and as such some people may feel this site is inappropriate for some audiences. Please use your best judgement.

Dave   24-February-2004 - 08:50:49
This site was very easy to understand and for an unexperianced person such as my self to drawing the human figure it offered many helpful lesons on all different aspects.

Lindsay   13-July-2004 - 06:29:09
I found this site useful, and very informative, but it would be nice if the pictures on proportion were a little clearer. If I'm totally honest (which I always am ~_^) I didn't much care for the colour scheme either.

f molinos   24-January-2006 - 18:44:47
very useful, very practique, thanks

Ronald MacIntyre   05-December-2006 - 03:29:11
This is one of the easiet informative sites to teach a person on how to draw bodies.
I appreciate the way it is put together.

jade   20-January-2007 - 09:53:07
This site isquite good

But it doesn't tell you how to draw each part of the face

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