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Draw and color with Uncle Fred - Comments

Draw and color with Uncle Fred - cartoon drawing for children by artist/writer "Uncle fred" Lasswell

Mandi   14-August-2004 - 12:04:25
Very nice if you are teaching someone the basic shapes of drawing

braydon   26-November-2005 - 15:56:08
i never knew ho to draw until i figured out about it now i give drawing lessons at my school i was amazed

Ally   02-March-2006 - 22:44:46
this site is awesome and lots of fun. it helped me with my art assignment! i loved drawing the pics and was laughing all the way through with the clever witty comments coz bunnies in overalls WUV carrots! Thanks Uncle Fred!!!

Elias   27-July-2006 - 08:19:06
i want to laern to drow on macromedia flash 8 show me how can i use those

samarth   06-April-2007 - 21:32:43
This is the BESt website for kids.My 5 yr old son is absolutely fascinated by this method of drawing.Thank you Uncle Fred for such a lovely concept.

shiloh   22-May-2008 - 21:28:06
These drawings are perfect for little kids, and has cute little stories to go with their pictures. They can make their own stories, too if they wish. It helps kids with their creativity, imagination, and thinking.

Bharat   30-October-10 - 11:45:47
Nice start

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