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One Hand Card Shuffle - Comments

One Hand Card Shuffle - a thoroughly illustrated, step-by-step guide to shuffling a deck of cards with one hand

Scott H.   04-August-2000 - 07:34:22
This is difficult at first, but once you get it it's very, very cool!

heather   28-February-2001 - 18:25:26
This was hard for me cause my hands are too small.

fend   16-March-2001 - 16:52:14
yeah , i find it hard too because of small hands

hank tomson   23-March-2001 - 11:44:51
Brilliant just brilliant!!!

hi   30-October-2001 - 20:39:29
it looks hard at the start and its a lot of illustrations

Sinister Frog   25-December-2001 - 15:42:09
it took me three days of walking around with a deck of cards in my pocket and practicing constantly
but now i can do it
and it looks good
glad ive got big hands :)

mick   15-June-2002 - 00:21:10
pretty cool! looks cool and makes you feel like a pro!

Ahmad   15-October-2002 - 06:09:26
Great shuffle

matthew   26-November-2002 - 13:58:09
i have being practicing this for about 3 days and can do all of it but still find in hard to perform the part of interlacing the cards- any tips, is their something im missing!

Help Me!

jordan t.   16-July-2003 - 15:45:35
hye..i got the part down to where u weave it but i can sperate the two halves without using 2 hands someone help me plz

Munktun   03-September-2003 - 21:21:20
i got the cutting and putting together part down, but i dont understand the "flourish" end. can someone explain it better

Remy   02-May-2004 - 07:36:34
Excellent mate

I will practice this until i get it.
What a cool trick!!

Cheers mate

Remy   02-May-2004 - 07:37:42
Excellent mate

I will practice this until i get it.
What a cool trick!!

Cheers mate

Praetis   17-December-2004 - 18:09:35
It says that you just push the decks together. That doesn't make sense. Pushing on two decks of cards does not make them weave together. You have to form gaps between the cards somehow, but this is not explained. Can anyone clarify?

Turtle   04-January-2005 - 04:02:24
I'm going to keep at it but small hands totally seem to be a curse of automatic failure for this trick. I have however created a useless yet fun fidgety variant where I cut the deck and spin the top half in a 180 and back into place. Worthless but it gives the hands something to do aimlessly, like a chip trick. :)

jimmy   05-March-2005 - 16:20:28
ist a amazing trick yes i admit it is hard with small hands n i seem to have trouble cutting ther deck but i keep trying i can weave it now but the ending is hard

brian   17-June-2005 - 11:32:56
its impossible i practiced for four days and i still cant get it and i have huge hands

Jo   22-June-2005 - 15:10:32
i think there should be more info on how to get the deck from cut *by the index finger* to the position they are in before u attempt to mesh the halves together. i cant get the halves into that poistion without using my other hand!

Ar3s   12-February-2006 - 17:04:21
Really cool ^^
even though I got tiny hands I really enjoy typing this message with my right hand while shuffling a deck with the left one (took me one week practicing).


joe   12-September-2006 - 22:30:55
thanks very interesting. i have small hands and it will be difficult but very enlightening

Tversted   20-December-2006 - 16:17:49
When you have to push the two piles together, try losing the grib by the thumb and the index finger, and only push the deck in with you pinky.. Needs to be done in a perfect angle, but works... :)

Nice job mate..

Berticus   05-March-2007 - 22:55:23
I'm a guy, and I'm not afraid to admit I've got tiny hands - I have to wear women's gloves, one size fits most, which is still a little big on me - and I actually got this on the second try.

The key is to not read too much, but get the gist of what is required, and revise according to your hand size.

However, I'm very good with my fingers. I've been doing pen tricks for a few years, and started doing zippo tricks.

Diablo   07-November-2009 - 09:13:45
At the end, if you want to make it look pro, you have to rotate your wrist so that the cards are facing down, tighten your ("external")grip a little and slowly lift your index finger. If done well, the cards will start to shuffle, forming only one deck.
It's a bit hard a first, you might drop a few cards while doing it, but keep trying, it looks Awesome, and sounds as well!

And it pushes air between the cards btw, making it easier to form a clean deck at the end!

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