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HTML Goodies - Comments

HTML Goodies - a large number of primers and tutorials on html and other matters concerned with making Webpages, covering html basics, tables, backgrounds, forms, frames, image maps, images, colors, buttons, browsers, style sheets, Javascripting, Java applets, CGI scripting, DHTML and much more

Martin Lavallée   11-July-2000 - 08:35:59
This page sometimes lack information in the examples that are presented (like where to put the tags in the page)but it is i general very good. I've given it a 8 out of 10 for it is not perfect (And I'm still looking for that perfect page!)

Have a nice day.

Gav   03-November-2001 - 05:58:09
Rather dated... it's all for version 3/4 browsers

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