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Magic Show - Comments

Magic Show - illustrated, RealVideo-enhanced guides to performing a variety of card, stage and close-up magic tricks

kris   24-March-2002 - 14:54:44

Charles Hsu   23-July-2002 - 10:35:31
This is a fantastic site that shows you not only card magic, but a lot more! Excellent.

joyce   25-March-2003 - 05:26:16
best ever!!!

Scott   28-January-2004 - 14:21:32
Intellegent, classic, good for beginners and advanced magicians

Wesley   03-November-2004 - 20:50:32
I earned $200 showing these tricks. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

drevohn   04-June-2005 - 12:29:18
good tricks i like them a lot

cameron   28-September-2005 - 15:22:00

Sri Rama   12-June-2006 - 23:08:25
i an Bhartha(INDIA)
Than U all for providing me some useful information

David Camp   17-October-2006 - 14:01:48
I have been learning and preforming magic for 7 years. I visit Magic Show at least every other week. It seems that I always find something that I can use, something that I could do different or something new that I can learn. Highly recommended!!

Alex Chen   19-February-2007 - 20:36:27
Excellent card magic.

skyler   01-April-2008 - 13:50:09
i loved it

Kalie   02-July-11 - 19:40:09
Way to go on this essay, hepled a ton.

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