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Celebrity Portraits - Comments

Celebrity Portraits - a step-by-step, illustrated guide to drawing life-like pencil portraits, using famous faces as examples

Dianne   23-December-2000 - 06:26:43
Simply, WOW!!! I'll be coming back to this site. Thanx for sharing!

DC   11-July-2001 - 12:48:05
I came across this site and discovered an excellent resource for the beginning pencil sketcher. I have since bought the Lee Hammond book that was used as the basis of this artist's style. Excellent, excellent, excellent!

Peter   20-October-2001 - 15:17:24
This is an immensely helpful site.

aldrin aquisap   08-April-2002 - 05:48:36
am just starting to learn the drawing stuff...

thanh   04-March-2003 - 11:51:48
Great site. It does help me a lot in learning to draw portrait myself..=)..thanks

YB   24-March-2003 - 09:09:25
very detailed steps. This site actually gives information and isn't trying to sell a book. Can't say the same for many Art Tutorial sites.

Mark   05-February-2004 - 06:02:22
Finally! A website that isn't trying to sell something, and actually teaches... well, something more advanced than usual, at leas... Five thumbs up. I'm jealous of the webmaster's karma... now I'll have to make my own free instructional website, "Develop your sledgehammer wit by quoting british comedies at appropriate times"... It's all I'm good at, I'm afraid. :-)

Yanran   05-April-2004 - 16:09:33
Yeah, it's a good site and packed with lots of information. But notice they tell you to smudge the shadows? That's a no-no in most professionals' eyes. They tell you to use shading and crosshatching. Smudging would just be a sort of *cheat* when you're packed for time.

Jan Dinamling   27-October-2004 - 21:50:27
Id like to learn how to draw real people!

T. Kent Atkins   30-May-2005 - 15:01:13
Of all of the sites you have links to this is the clearest, best designed and most inspirational of all..

T. Kent Atkins

Dan   04-March-2006 - 19:51:52
Great source for pencil drawing and shading.

Azalie   15-September-2006 - 23:14:27
An excellently detailed step-by-step tutorial, one of the best I've come across.

NN   19-August-2007 - 15:01:27
This is a great site! It's good to see something that has no catches, and is simple and informative.

satris effendy   07-February-10 - 00:05:42
it makes me so fun

Trinity   31-October-11 - 04:29:01
Reaindg this makes my decisions easier than taking candy from a baby.

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