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Flute Teaching Tips - Comments

Flute Teaching Tips - a collection of illustrated, instructional articles pertaining to flute instruction, covering such things as flute tone, scale warm-up patterns, holding position, tuning, patterns for the right little finger, key signatures, embouchures, the C# trill key and more

padraig   25-September-2004 - 12:26:45
Im a beginner but am having great difficulty in getting a sound from the flute , I can eventually get the embouchure right and practice my scales but as soon as I take the flute away from my lip I have to go through the procedure of blowing and moving the flute about to get a 'flute' sound (can take a minute or two).....any tips..please(Im putting in the practice..perhaps the flute is not for everyone? ).

aslihan   14-November-2004 - 16:37:51
i'm flutr teacher from Turkey. thanks

behayaa qais   29-September-2005 - 06:42:51
it is good

Eric   16-June-2006 - 13:49:55
As new flautist, still awaiting the arrival of his first owned flute, I was oblivious to flute history, I found the comment of the man likening the name "Vibrato" to the word Cholera hilarious, definately a reccomended site for the history of music.

Terry   14-September-2008 - 17:03:03
I was trying to find a free site for my daughter. She is just starting the flute in Gr. 7. I was looking for a fingering chart. Your site was very informative. Thanks.

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