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Teach Yourself Japanese - Comments

Teach Yourself Japanese - an illustrated instructional guide to the Japanese language with supporting wave sound files, covering Japanese phonemes and pronunciations, grammatical terms, standard hiragana, double higagana, numbers, greetings, basic grammar, vocabulary, dialogues and more

Patricia   07-May-2001 - 03:50:31
I like very much this home page because I can learn myself japanese. Thank you for who did this webpage

Someone   21-November-2002 - 13:26:27
Umm, confusing...

heechan   16-April-2003 - 11:28:57
Very comphrensive site, a little confusing to take in at once. Is there a section where you can just learn to read/write rather than speak., because I need to learn so I can read websites. Other than that a very good site

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