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FARP: Acrylic Painting - Comments

FARP: Acrylic Painting - an illustrated, instructional article that provides an oviewview to acrylic painting, covering what acrlics are, the brushes, paints and other tools used, painting surfaces, canvas preparation, impasto, glazing and straight-from-the-tube techniques and more

Ailina   30-September-2001 - 03:08:13
Perfect site for the fresh brain. Covered all the bases. Certainly gives me the beginnings of a solid foundation.


Lana   28-February-2002 - 08:00:12
great page....i enjoyed reading and i hardly await to try painting my self

Jamie   31-May-2002 - 18:59:25
This is the most informative site I have ever seen. Even my art books at home didn't go into depth this much!

segopad   08-August-2002 - 14:41:06
I found the site very informative for any beginner. It really gives all the necessary basics to get started.

ken   04-January-2003 - 12:16:38
one of the better then best sites

Sebastian Campisi   10-January-2003 - 16:05:07
Excellent -- very informative especially for a neophyte in this area. One problem - which may be due to my computer- when downloading 'printer version' the last 1/4" to 3/8" on the right side was lost, i.e., it was not picked up by the printer. Perhaps the right side margin could be made wider??

benjamin   11-March-2003 - 16:14:51
super helpful. Thanks for sharing your techniques and advice for a naive, cuious newcomer.

Elley   05-June-2003 - 19:03:17
It has a lot of great information for beginners!(:

Caty Hand   10-July-2003 - 04:33:16
This website is very good. I came online looking for steps and tips in painting put in layman terms and the creater did a fantastic job of doing just that. They gave me great tips to use and gave me additional information that I was not looking for at first. I just want to thank the creater of this site for doing such a great job.

betty mellen   07-August-2003 - 14:56:31
I found this site extremely helpful since I tend to forget instructions and this was a really good revue for me plus i even learned some new information on painting outdoors. I am so glad there are helpful people like you in this world, thank you for sharing.

Charlie   21-October-2003 - 18:45:04
One of the better sites for the newbee and the intermediate.

Michelle   20-November-2003 - 13:20:32
Easy to read. Basic page setup makes it easy to navigate.

GERRIE   07-February-2004 - 14:47:48
I'm re-entering the world of painting after just hit-and-miss episodes over the last 30 years. I used to work entirely with oils and occasionally with watercolors. Now I'm ready to roll with acrylics and confidence!

edgardo quinonez   15-March-2004 - 12:51:47
this page is awesome i learned alot of things out of that page thanks fo helping the future artist

corina   07-May-2004 - 18:56:09
Thank you so much for your wonderful tips. I love painting and self taught. So I am trying to expand my knowledge. This has been great help!! Thank you once again!!!!!!

Sherine   25-June-2004 - 01:11:22
Great article giving the basics of acrylic painting. Very encouraging, giving lots of ideas and tips, and very easy to read. Excellent resource for beginners, and the section on techniques of painting is excellent even for slightly more experienced painters.

Michael   24-October-2004 - 09:01:56
Having painted in watercolour for many years and achieved a good standard - I think, I want to try my hand at Acrylics. Realising that technique is all important, I've been surfing all morning,and this is definitely one of the best sites I've come across. THANK YOU VERY MUCH INDEED.

Dawn   29-January-2005 - 01:15:13
I loved this sight. I am so lucky I found it before I pulled out my canvas. It was extremely helpfull. I'm new at this and I learned so much!

Terry   30-January-2005 - 21:30:20
I loved this site Very imformative!! Thanks

Denise   06-February-2005 - 23:32:13
Thanks for all the wonderful information. You're a true inspiration!

LV Daniels   13-July-2005 - 17:12:15
Thanks for the informative-but-not-too-long outline of acrylic painting. It's just what I needed to get started, and the graphics you used illustrated your points very well. The *only* thing missing was info on the specific mediums themselves (gesso, retarder, GAC 100 etc) but that won't be too hard to look up. Great job and thanks again for spelling everything out for a beginner.

daren   16-August-2005 - 17:42:01
a superb site lots of info and a place to show off your stuff

Rachel   20-August-2005 - 12:08:26
Excellent site. Well worth the time it took to read.

kmcdonald   13-March-2006 - 09:54:17
Very good site. The information was straight forword and useful.

Shell   16-May-2006 - 08:24:37
I would like to thank you for your outstanding website. I myself have never had any teaching on how to paint but, I have always had a love and/or obession for. I can not explain it. Thank you again for your very informative website. I am sure I will read it over and over again *Smile*

Matee   15-August-11 - 21:58:09
Holy sihnzit, this is so cool thank you.

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