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A Practical Sanskrit Introductory - Comments

A Practical Sanskrit Introductory - a direct scan of an entire free book by Charles Wikner, containing 15 introductory lessons on the Sanskrit Language and Devanagari Script

Michael Huff   13-November-2001 - 16:10:50
Wikner Rocks! I have found Wikner's stair-step approach and use of limited vocabulary has allowed me to easily transition from Roman to Devanagari script. His lessons ealily guide the student to familiarity with fundamental gramatical concepts.

As he says, his tutorial gives a DEDICATED student a "feel" for the language. PLEASE BEWARE that although this is a great intro, there is a inconsistency in the declention of the masculine naaman ending in a short "a."


Art   27-March-2002 - 08:29:25
This link is no longer functional. Too bad.

Carrie   27-March-2002 - 16:02:16
Art - it may have been temporarily down earlier today. Try it again; it seems fine now.

Chris   06-June-2002 - 10:13:03
I have been using this book as an aid to study for over 2 years and I have found it to be extremely useful. It is very handy where it points out the differences (which are minor) in different traditions, that often seem to be the cause of much confusion. Also the instructions for using the Monier-Williams Dictionary are priceless and should be included in the M-W dictionary itself!

One improvement would be if the declensions, sandhi etc. were in devanagari as well as transliteration, but you can always do your own copy.

Dario Chioli   15-June-2002 - 11:30:37
I have appreciated the clear and large exposition of Mr. Wikner. I hope he can prosecute his work and write a syntax too.

Michelle   03-August-2003 - 15:07:47
I like the format, works for me.

Puneet Seth   13-October-2003 - 04:45:42
Just too good an effort by a superior human being.

Shishya   04-January-2007 - 00:17:04
A great introduction to all the elements necessary to start working directly with Sanskrit texts. The author also maintains a refreshingly positive tone in regards to the inherent value and spiritual meaning of Shruti. Well done!

Manohar Gurukondala Narasimhan   27-May-11 - 01:14:07
Just want to learn

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