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An Introduction to Korean - Comments

An Introduction to Korean - a humourous, sound-file enhanced introductory Korean course for beginners, covering the Korean alphabet, basic conversational phrases, parts of the body, members of the family, vocabulary, numbers, asking for directions, grammar and more

Michael R. Wright   11-March-2002 - 16:36:13
An excellent site for "first timers."

D Smith   19-April-2002 - 04:33:15
I only found your site today, but are very impressed with the simplistic layout. I am an English teacher in Gumi City South Korea, and have been here for 3 months. The voice recordings are an excellent way to help with pronounciation. Great work.

Jean   29-May-2002 - 07:47:43
This is the best place to learn Hangul! The rest is also great, this is a must site for all beginners.

Elvia   08-April-2003 - 00:57:47
This course is amazing! I don't want to say that I learned all about Korean in an hour, but I worked my way through this in about two hours and I learned a lot! By reviewing and playing the simple alphabet games, I learned the order or the alphabet in about 20 minuites. It is truly worth your time.

Maranda   26-September-2004 - 22:39:55
Nice pictures ,good explaining about each chapter .

Le Phuc   07-August-2006 - 03:53:52
hoc tieng han

anooshe alidoost   01-January-2008 - 08:12:57
The course was very useful for me as a beginner.Could you please put more lessons specially about the korean grammer in your site.Thank you.

Zarya   23-September-11 - 05:11:59
You've got to be kidding me—it's so transpaertlny clear now!

Demarlo   31-October-11 - 12:04:38
This could not possliby have been more helpful!

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