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Annie's Attic - Stitching Help - Comments

Annie's Attic - Stitching Help - instructional video clips, drawn illustrations and text-based material on all types of stitching, including crochet, cross stitching, embroidery, knitting, plastic canvas, ribbon embroidery, and tatting

Pat   31-July-2001 - 12:20:52
I think this site is by far the best site for beginners. Written instructions are good, but I'm a visual learner and I find the video clips help tremendously.

rebekah   18-December-2001 - 00:17:13
I totally agree! I just started trying to learn to crochet yesterday and looking at still photos doesn't cut it! I wasn't even doing a chain stitch right until I found this site and saw how it's done.

wintermyst   24-December-2001 - 02:35:35
Excellent site for those teaching themselves or someone who needs a quick reminder on how to work a stitch.

regina lucius   18-January-2002 - 20:38:18
I am looking for a free video teaching to to crochet granny square (tranditional) THAT WILL SHOW STEP BY STEP

Suzanne   27-April-2003 - 06:54:57
I'm new to crocheting and it sure helped to see someone do the stitches as many times as I needed to.

Deborah Brittain   02-May-2003 - 14:26:37
I need to know how to do the bubble stitch step by step if you can please sho me this I would be grateful

Betty   01-July-2004 - 23:14:55
Great site--thank you for a unique combination of both the video and the illustrations and so many of the crochet stitches. The video visual is really good. More visual suggestions? 1. More stitches 2. Turning 3. Joining 4. Patterns (making a granny, etc.)

Are you planning on producing a crochet instuction video? That would be neat.

Thanks again.

trish sumlak   31-January-2005 - 22:37:33
Just learning to crochet - currently taking a course. This site is excellent as a compliment to my classes...would also be a huge help to learn off the web.

Crochetdame   14-March-2005 - 08:48:20
This site is the best I have come across in my search for crochet sites. If I have a pattern and I need to know how a particular stitch is made, I go to this site which I have saved as a "favorite". I would greatly recommend it! They have nice patterns too, and you can buy your stuff there.

celia   17-June-2005 - 03:03:27
I was disappointed by the video. Being a complete beginner, I need to be able to see very clearly and slowly what is being done. The video is quite fast and you can't see where the hook is going in.

kg   13-October-2006 - 12:37:29
now this website is re-directed to anniesattic.com - total bummer!

carol   24-November-2009 - 11:21:38
i would like to know how to irish lace background with the chain stitch one it is confuseing i can make the flowers and other

dodo   10-March-10 - 14:40:08
she is selfless.I wish her all the best.

Jonni   31-October-11 - 12:49:20
In awe of that anwesr! Really cool!

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