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Calligraphy Lessons On-line - Comments

Calligraphy Lessons On-line - detailed online instruction on the Roman Broad Pen style of calligraphy, complete with a generous amount of supporting illustrations and animations

MIchelle   03-November-2002 - 12:47:45
I thought your site was helpful, I am just looking for a little more than what you offer. Thank you for helping.

Russ   15-November-2002 - 17:38:12
Good teaching format,but could be a little tough to practic at home.

Lora   05-March-2003 - 00:26:51
Your site is great. I'm a beginner and needed to see some movement of the pen/nib. It would be great to see more fonts, but this answered a lot of questions. Many of the books I am coming across are a not easy to follow as a beginner. Thank you for all of your hard work. Lora , Phoenix, Arizona

Jocelyn   20-June-2003 - 12:57:55
Your site is wonderful but this is a copy of another site that I know and I was looking for more than they offer. Your site was no help to this but thanks for trying.

TciTci   13-July-2004 - 13:01:52
You're site was very nice, but not quite what I was looking for. Does anyone know any sites that have flourish lessons and examples?

Cindy   23-July-2004 - 03:10:34
I have seen many other sites that offer the same thing as this one, still not quite what I am looking for. There don't seem to be too many good instructional sites out there and what ever there is available doesn't offer enough variations. Does anyone out there know where there is a site that offers instructions and guides on the carolingian miniscules? Thanx

aaron   13-September-2004 - 20:23:12
nice to actually find some free lessons that are actually of some use to someone trying to learn some of the fundamentals of calligraphy.

Gloria Pavlides   14-September-2004 - 14:37:08
I am so glad I found this site, I have been practicing calligraphy on my own and hope to do something with it one day. Your lesson was very good and I learned a couple of things. Thanks

Jocelyne   20-October-2004 - 11:26:55
Will help make a dream come true!
Thank you.

Jill Pike   09-December-2005 - 10:27:43
This site is unbelievably useful! I work for a church and am learning calligraphy to use for their certificates. This information makes my job SO much easier.

senthilkumaran   09-September-10 - 04:47:02
i want to leran calligraphy
please help me

Tish   23-September-11 - 09:39:36
I actually found this more enetrtiainng than James Joyce.

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