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Introduction to Computers - A Beginners Guide - Comments

Introduction to Computers - A Beginners Guide - an illustrated general guide to computers and their uses, covering hardware, software, basic operations, health & safety, multimedia and much more

Sureka   17-January-2002 - 03:15:44

roberto gonzalodo   18-October-2005 - 06:32:12
frankly once i was thinking computer is not for me anymore as i am 59years old alreay. but lately when my son-in-law bought a computer as gift to his son, i found it relaxing enjoyable and educational. now i scram looking for books regarding the operations.and luckily i found this site. hope you could be of great help for people like me still looking advangement in science

rathnadurai   19-May-2006 - 21:56:32
want to know about short notes on computers & internet

thinlay   12-November-2006 - 13:31:18
the site is very informative.i am sure it will help me gain some knowledge.

ankm rao   01-June-11 - 22:18:57
deep basic of computer

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