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Harmonica Country: Harmonica Lessons - Comments

Harmonica Country: Harmonica Lessons - brief, text-based sequential online lessons on how to play the harmonica, covering keys, diatonic scale harmonicas, chromatic scale harmonicas, how to use your tongue, using your hands, breathing, tone, how to bend a note, repair, practicing, tongue blocking and more, with practice songs (folk songs & hymns) for each lesson

E   26-June-2001 - 12:30:23
This is a great source for starting out. Trust me I learned from it! But, more complicated techniques must be learned from experimentation or another resource.

Bob Gerding   30-June-2002 - 17:49:58
Very good site with a lot of material for the beginner. Thank you and keep up the good work.


Duc Huy   30-November-2003 - 08:06:14
hello ! i want to learn harmonica . would you teach me anything lession ? music of pop and country ? ok , bye . i from viet nam .

James   05-December-2004 - 21:29:59
Just learning to play, and this site has really helped!! Thanks.

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