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PHP Tutorial - Comments

PHP Tutorial - a text-based tutiral introducing the PHP scripting language, intended for those with no previous experience with programming in PHP or any other language

Binyamin   19-March-2001 - 06:48:17
I think this tutorial is well writen for beginner like me.

Lars Geisler   22-March-2001 - 01:02:58
Great site

Allen Gilson   28-October-2002 - 15:35:10
All in all it was pretty good. The grammar is a little clumsy, but very readable. The author doesn't mention you should know HTML, but then if you didn't know it, why would you be reading it.

Lars Geisler   18-February-2004 - 08:50:30
I agree with Lars Geisler. It is nice.

Martin Geisler   27-May-2005 - 10:47:09
Please note that my site has moved, so the tutorial can be found at http://mgeisler.net/php-tutorial/ in the future.

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