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The French Tutorial - Standard Edition - Comments

The French Tutorial - Standard Edition - a step-by-step course on the French language and French culture with supplementary sound files, covering french pronunciation, pronouns, the present tense, qualifying adjectives, possessive form, counting, time and date, future tense, theme-based vocabulary and more

ricki   19-January-2001 - 19:11:19
I tried to use the audio but it didn't work and i went on without it and it was difficult to understand anything at all. But I think if you have the audio this program is great! But you should write the word out also.

Justin   25-October-2001 - 05:19:46
It is a excellent page for starting off!! the audio files really work nicely aswell!

Xudong   04-March-2002 - 02:45:48
Great! It's free. Also, you can download the whole tar.gz for the site for free.

Ivy   03-August-2003 - 06:23:43
This is good and I hope to receive more auditorial tutorials information.

Foutoun   14-October-2003 - 01:20:09
I love the site. it is easy and ordered in a nice way

Hien Minh   08-August-2005 - 08:18:38
prononciation et grammaire

vic   24-August-2005 - 03:19:11
could you include 'basic' phrases for common use -- of course with its English version. something like 'how do you do?' etc..... Thanks for great guide. Vic

peter   25-October-2005 - 00:11:02
fantabulous thing it is!

erica   15-February-2006 - 19:50:31
very simple and clear step by step instruction, perfect for self taught beginners.

Guess who   15-June-2006 - 18:28:31
really great. should focus a little more on vocabulary

Vivek   10-December-2006 - 08:22:56
The download of PDF should also be enabled for all.

djamel   14-January-10 - 07:48:57
cours des francais

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