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Payroll101- Payroll Basics - Comments

Payroll101- Payroll Basics - a text-based tuorial designed to help familiarize visitors with the basic concepts of payroll management and introduce options to facilitate the process, with an emphasis on using Quicken products

Lisa   19-October-2002 - 21:49:57
I would have liked to see something instructional, like some worksheets...but what do you want for free? It does give you a brief overview of payroll. The broadest foundation to work off of.

Valerie   08-August-2004 - 00:17:08
It did not really help me much. There needs to be instruction on how to calculate payroll.

Markeith Wilkes   16-August-2006 - 01:13:06
This site was of very little use to me. It was more an atempt to promote the sale of Quickbooks.

Natasha   23-October-2006 - 18:35:17
I also did not find this helpful. If anyone find a HELPFUL site, please come back and list it in the comments.

Ramanand Prasad   20-December-2006 - 06:45:20
basic concept of pay roll

lina   11-July-2008 - 22:20:11
i wanna learn

Ryan Pavao   31-July-2008 - 17:22:19
Site could not be found!

Susy   19-May-11 - 03:11:42
You’re on top of the game. Thanks for shriang.

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