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Introduction to Finnish - Comments

Introduction to Finnish - sequential, text-based Finnish lessons covering pronunciation, greetings, useful phrases, numbers, days of the week and months, personal pronouns, verbs, question forming, country names, Finnish grammar, and more, also including information and historical highlights of Finland

Gaby   23-December-2002 - 16:19:36
Good guid through most important grammar bits. Some web sites can be found, too.

nikki   18-February-2003 - 09:47:29
i've learned what i wanted to learn

Marius   04-March-2006 - 08:27:04
A great place to get the best in Finnish language.Thanks.

Heleno Lima   13-August-2006 - 17:25:07
A very good text.

John   01-November-2006 - 15:52:39
Very good explanations of Finnish grammer. A very helpful tool.

Heli   13-August-2008 - 12:18:53
Thank you for providing this. It will help in learning the language.

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