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The Schillinger System of Musical Composition - Comments

The Schillinger System of Musical Composition - an illustrated guide to Joseph Schillinger's approach to music composition

Michael Karwowski   31-January-2001 - 12:54:01
The site that you have linked concerning "The Schillinger System of Musical Composition" is NOT an accurate depiction of the system! The mathematical basis is but a very small percentage of what the system offers to the composer. I have been studying The Schillinger System for over two years, have written several works using the system, and have gained an extraordinary understanding of my craft through the system. This understanding has very little to do with the mathematics involved in the system. By refering to "The Schillinger System" as a mathematical approach to music composition you give the reader a sense that your/their site thoroughly understands the work. What that statement really shows is that your/their site did very little research concerning Schillingers system.

Peter   31-January-2001 - 13:16:32

Thanks for your comments. I posted the description beside that link, and while I admit I have not studied the system formally, I have studied composition and have heard many musicians refer to it in that way. I also investigated the "Schillinger's Ststem of musical Composition" thread in rec.music.makers.guitar.jazz before including the site in our directory, where the majority of the posters emphasized its mathematical component.

If you know of a better representation of the Schillinger method on the Web please let me know. Or would like to post your own here, you're more than welcome. In the meantime, I have removed the adjective "mathematical" from our description of the above site.



mrG   24-February-2008 - 18:11:55
This is an amazing find; read the Bio page first! Unfortunately, the site itself is very low on actual information beyond an introduction to Schillinger's methods and concept and a bibliography that points to Amazon.com, but I will tell you this much, I'm not the sort who considers a book simply because it told a good yarn in a teaser, but THIS teaser tells a really good yarn! Consider: Schillinger was Gershwin's tutor ...

It also strikes me that George Russell may have been aware of this work when he set out to devise the Lydian Chromatic method, as there are many common key phrases regarding the all-space comprehensiveness of these methods vs the good-vs-bad notions of Classical Theory.

Tom P   18-February-2009 - 12:42:10
None of the links go to anything that can be considered information on this largest work ever published on music theory?????

Philip   26-February-2009 - 19:16:22
We have reformed The Schillinger Society. We preserve and promote the Schillinger System by teaching and bringing together interested parties.
Stop by www.schillingersociety.com and find out more about this valuable theory of music.

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