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The Complete Guide to the Alexander Technique - Comments

The Complete Guide to the Alexander Technique - a systematic guide to all Alexander Technique information and resources - both on and off the Internet, starting with "What is the Alexander Technique?"

Jack Reeves   06-January-2001 - 05:53:24
This is an absolutely wonderful website! It guides you to every available source of information about the Alexander Technique - indeed there is a whole page of links and resources just for musicians! If you're playing in pain, or want to improve the quality of your playing, the Alexander Technique is certainly worth investigating. I was almost forced to give up my musical career (I play violin) due to unbearable pain in my arms, shoulders and neck. A friend told me about the Alexander Technique and I was amazed at how much just a few lessons helped. I'm back to playing and taching full time, with almost no pain.

Peter Rolland   13-December-2003 - 15:52:13
Great site! The AT has done wonders for me. Check it out for sure.

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