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Mrs. Fixit How-To Library - Comments

Mrs. Fixit How-To Library - an archive of short, text-based tips on a wide array of home-improvement and repair topics, with plumbing, "around the house," kitchens, projects, bathrooms, organizing, stains, electrical, painting, storage, floors & carpets, pets & pests, yards & garden, home safety, plants & flowers categories

Sara Martin   28-April-2001 - 05:16:31
I was excited to see a website for women on home repair. However, this site lacks substance. For example, under "electrical" there is a tip on changing a light bulb--nothing on wiring.

C. E. Ryan   13-July-2001 - 11:10:00
While the how to directions were clear, the type of pop up plug in my sink did not match the type she described. Her directions would not help me since they were of a different type.

M.Breen   09-January-2003 - 11:04:36
I found www.mrsfixit.com a great site for home repair hints and household tips. There are so many topics and there seems to be more added each week. The directions are very easy to understand and follow. If you don't find what your looking for in the archives you can e-mail her directly through the 'ask' button. I get a reply everytime!!! I love the Mrs. FIXIT site...she's always just a click away when I need her!

brenda wells   24-March-2003 - 12:19:07
I am wanting info on how to remove existing bathtub and surround all one piece, and replace with a two piece tub and surround for my elderly mom...I will be doing the work myself, and have such limited knowledge of what I might run into ....Mom needs this ...but refuses to pay to have a plumber do this...so,,, I simply must figure this out..the problem is the house is old...walls may be ruined by damage and nothing but sheet rock and outside wall....would like to insulate as well....because it is on North side of home....any step by step instructions would be wonderful....thanks...Brenda

Lauren Grippa   25-June-2003 - 18:51:01
I think it is excellent that so many helpful hints are available to veiw and are so easy to find. This website is also perfect for the couple that rents and needs to hide some "accidents"!

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