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English Grammar Connection - Comments

English Grammar Connection - a varying selection of interactive, javascript-enhanced online lessons designed to help improve students' English grammar skills

Zeki Kamal Muhammad   18-September-2002 - 05:40:41
Dear Reader
I like this site and I praised God that I found this site because I need to learn English language,It's very essential for me in my work, My big problem that I did not understand words meaningtherefor I must use English/Arabic dictionary, please help me to learn this language to order to be successful in my life.

C.Krishna Kishore   12-May-11 - 03:47:34
very useful site to general public

Ravikumar Moka   13-May-11 - 01:32:59
sir, i was poor to understand and speaking in the english.

bsankaram   24-May-11 - 07:27:00
improvement my English grammar.

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