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Animated Engines - Comments

Animated Engines - an instructional guide to internal combustion, steam and stirling engines, using colorful animated gifs and instructive annotations to demonstrate exactly how each specific engine works

arty smith   13-November-2002 - 18:59:48
terrific stuff!

Francesca   12-July-2003 - 11:48:09
very helpful! God bless you :) From a student who will take an exam soon. ------hopefully :)

John Jarrett   01-February-2004 - 10:07:41
Would like to get copywright in uk for teaching purposes. Perhaps a powerpoint presentation would give it dynamics.
Otherwise an excellent wedpage.
Many thanks John.

george   25-July-2004 - 13:26:43
i think its fantastic and really helpfull!!!!!

i think you should make it more realistic

like showing an animated rather real piston going up and down real valves opening basically make it look real just like it would look like if we could see it from the inside(impossible)?????

but its really good but it could improve

Trix   31-October-11 - 13:15:28
That's really tihnnkig out of the box. Thanks!

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