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Marketing Teacher Lesson Store - Comments

Marketing Teacher Lesson Store - illustrated instructional guides to basic marketing principles and techniques, covering market environments, PEST and SWOT analyses, promotion, product, pricing, segmentation, targetting, publicity and much more

Tim Friesner   18-February-2001 - 03:09:42
This is a very useful site for 'supporting' student learning. It helps students with the 'basics' needed for projects and revision for tests. You can a add it as a resource to a college or university site. Great for free!


sohel merchant   28-February-2002 - 05:22:14
this is anoe of the coolest sites i have visited till date........i mean its a site with some depth. good going man!!!

JD   05-December-2005 - 21:36:03
Excellent resources. Thanks!

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