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Basketball Tips - Comments

Basketball Tips - a text-based guidesheet to to improving basketball skills, covering effective defensive strategies, do's and don'ts of the fast break, dribbling, passing, shooting and more

darbi barnes   06-April-2003 - 20:58:45
this site gave a lot of interesting tips.it has already improved the way I think and play basketball. Thank you for the tips, I'll be back.

brown   08-February-2005 - 21:12:07
it didnot have what i needed. I needed to know different basketball passes and defense tactics

Z   02-February-2006 - 14:12:26
Some useful ideas, but mostly pretty obvious stuff.

christopher jones   21-August-2006 - 10:37:13
i'm am having trouble with my dribbling and ball handling and i need help.

Rainbow   14-May-2009 - 20:23:04
I love this sight!!! Even though I've only been on here for about a minute.

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