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Basketball Shooting - Comments

Basketball Shooting - text based tips on teaching and learning basketball learning skills, covering shooting fundamentals, the feel method, conditions for change and more

Anthony Saab   23-December-2001 - 03:21:26
i've been searching for many sites that helps to improve my game (for free) but ididn't find until a friend told me about this site and boy what a site. It taught me alot of amazing things and i want to thank you alotlotlot.
P.S:i will be very appreciative if you can talk about how we can increase our vertical jump.

Anthony   24-December-2001 - 11:17:04
First of all i want to tell u that a friend told about this site so i said to myself that ill give it a try(wasnt surethat itll help). now i had alot of shooting troubles but when i read ur tips i practised them for 3 days and today the results started to appeear(my friends didnt believe what they saw )i missed only a few shots.so i am really thamkful to u and the ones that helped and i will be very very apreciative if u could put more tips on dribbling,crossovers...as soon as possible.
P.S:i want from u 1 favor:send me an email to confirm that mine hasa arrived.
Thx so much

rj   21-May-2002 - 20:56:47
this really help me alot thank u everyone and i will join the njb.

michael p.   02-March-2003 - 15:57:54
I thought this site was awesome. It explained every thing in great detail.

lucky   01-May-2004 - 19:37:18
this site is great

Dikpal Gurung   21-June-2004 - 13:58:09
This site almost good. It would be better to describe with pictures.

Dikpal Gurung   27-June-2004 - 11:49:46
I want to shoot more correctly.
Can you help meih?

brandon   12-September-2005 - 03:42:05
u should show a video of some1 doing it.but it was pretty good

jo   17-September-2005 - 20:11:37
how do i become a better shooter

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