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Steph's Ball Handling Drills - Comments

Steph's Ball Handling Drills - tips and guides to various basketball handling skills and drills, complete with supporting gif animations, including 1-ball drills, 2-ball drills, moving drills, combo drills and more

Ben   01-July-2002 - 05:34:53
Nice Dribbling Drills for the uncoached and\or begginer

Ben   23-November-2002 - 18:13:26
"Great Stuff" - Ben

Henry   21-April-2003 - 20:00:49
the animated gif pictures help out a lot

jose   23-May-2003 - 23:22:53
great site this girl is very skilled too,good source for information.

Hoskins Kangu   07-July-2003 - 01:53:22
Well, i just want to thank you because those little clips for basketball dribbling drills help me a lot so i think if i be came a good player next year well, i think it because of those clips so yea.. thank you again...
put some more clips lol.. now it's gotta be about hops...i want to jump higher..i can't even dunk right now even tho i'm 6"3 and i'm going to grade 12 next year lol.. so yea i need your help again... aight.. take care..peace.

Luke   07-August-2003 - 10:41:07
steph, those are great drills, but i was just wondering if you could add your drills from the webpage: http://members.xoom.com/bball_drills/home.htm onto this site because for some reason that webpage wont work.

Jonathan   19-December-2003 - 14:37:41
How do you crossover

Ric Sale   08-February-2004 - 20:52:31
Classy moves from a top class player.

darryl   15-May-2004 - 20:12:33
these are great drills for beginners and experienced players. these drills help your ball-handling improve by the day. sheph looks like a very skilled player with magnificant ability and has the potentail to be a great player. she looks like she can break ankles.

dikpal_hamichi10@hotmail.com   20-June-2004 - 12:37:16
I just wanna learn basketball. I want to make a dunk but I am only 5'9

Coast Guard Clippa   19-October-2004 - 20:49:00
these are sweet and show you how to do stuff...i wish Steph had a lot more

VJ   16-October-2005 - 20:30:28
Good stuff, you really know what youre teaching, i bet that young lady has some handles

Riccardo Holt   24-October-2005 - 14:10:40
this web sight really helped me gain the right skills to play at my best. thank you!!!

mj   18-December-2005 - 02:21:25

Sacred Hoops   02-February-2006 - 06:34:04
Here can answer some of your questions that I read on this site!! Check it out at http://www.sacredhoops.com!!! It's all about basketball and more!

saad   05-February-2006 - 08:17:43
It is a good site with "VIDEOS" that make your learning an easy task

aaron ortiz   13-March-2006 - 16:14:26
this site was a great site because it shows you and tells you step by step and im trying to teach my freind how to get better and it helps me learn knew things that i could teach him

charron   31-December-2006 - 12:33:14
thanks at first i did not no what to do but now ii now axcactly so thatnks so mutch

calgary canuck   05-February-2007 - 08:33:42
Wow! I'm a P.E. educator and after perusing your website, I found a host of practical and applicable drills and simplified teaching tips in which to utilize in my Div I and Div II classes. Thanks for refreshing my program!

Dammy   09-July-2007 - 13:23:05
Ilove ur site n i think d site u r going high places

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