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Wizard Scooter Trick Library - Comments

Wizard Scooter Trick Library - a database of text-based scooter tricks, organised by name, type and difficulty, including the 180 pogo, 360 ollie one footer, bar-spin, bull ride, cyclone, flamingo whip, fufanu, goofy ride, hopscotch, kareoke, mission to immposible, one foot stalefish, pizza man, pogo spin, rocking horse, rodeo, superman, vertex, whirlyspin and more

twister   23-February-2002 - 17:21:25
i thought these kids were very good but i can do better. i just wanted to see if any of those kids can do as good as me because i can do almost any trick you tell me to do. please e-mail me sometime.

Sanchez   02-April-2002 - 20:53:59
The first page was just little kids doin weak tricks, but the second page was pretty cool

Caspar Schubert   10-June-2002 - 19:26:53
The website is great

tyler   13-June-2003 - 21:48:26
This taught me to do amazing scooter tricks! i liked the fufanu trick most

Jordan   29-June-2004 - 09:51:36
This website has some good tricks

sorry cant say   13-July-2004 - 11:07:58
This is cool that I can learn tricks online!

Tyler Boner   20-December-2004 - 01:30:09
i think all those videos sucked!the grinds weren't even grinds they were more like stalls,and that stupid "benchjump" was just plane stupid,and tailwips aren't all that cool(not even double wips are that cool).u should get some 360 wips and backflips in there,that would be much cooler!

Coire   05-June-2005 - 16:00:59
Hey just to say that those kids were pretty good but I can do better.
Could you send me a trick video. Thanks!

kayle T   24-August-2005 - 08:21:37
skootas are da best i thought the videos were prety zik but i can do better

Roy   03-October-2005 - 23:09:37
I heard they used the tricks from that site for the animations here:


Pretty cool ...I like the grinder across the park bench :)

alec   25-February-2006 - 17:20:46

anthony   18-March-2006 - 22:43:28
this sites pics suck!...but otherwise ok

Kyle Robinson   18-March-2006 - 23:40:37
I hate to break it to you but these tricks SUCK BIGTIME (with the exception of "the warp" which is very cool). And if you want proof search "scooters only" on a search engine where you will click on a yahoo geocite; believe me THOSE GUYS ARE GOOD! I myself can easily do a 180, quite easily do a tailwhip, and spin up to a 720 while my back foot is on the back brake without anything touching the ground.

Ian   04-April-2006 - 21:12:43
Yeah, it was ok. I liked some of the big tricks but there was retarded tricks performed by some posers, like the 360 he didn't even land. Some backflip tuts would be cool. Other than that it was kinda cool.

NA   05-April-2006 - 08:13:07
Lots of posers in that. 1 footed manual? Yeah right, that can't even count that as a trick, and the guy who did the manual tricks wasn't good either. The one guy couldnt land the 360, the 180 was sketchy (kinda) the bench hop was just plain messed so was the puddle gap, I could do that with my eyes closed.

Sc00t3rs 0wn   14-April-2006 - 06:15:40
yeh they were pretty big posers i learnt to tailwhip in 2 days and learnt to jump a 5 set in an hour... a tip while clearing stairs is to keep both feet on while ur close to the edge and then u feel ur body just culdnt be bothered bailing and just go off.. (sumtimes wen u land had u get mad arse headaches)

brk   05-May-2006 - 13:39:36
Some of the coolest tricks I've ever seen without me doing them

whatever   03-June-2006 - 19:49:43
that one guy REALLY needs to learn how to do a 360, and that water gap was hardly even a gap!!

Stephen Spencer#21   26-June-2006 - 22:25:03
These guys are just now learning the basics if you think you can beat me n a game of skate onna scooter im ready for the challange i can do a 12 step i can do a 900 on a halfpipe im pretty good add me on yahoo i will show you some videos babyboy69092006

Stephen Spencer#21   26-June-2006 - 22:25:42
These guys are just now learning the basics if you think you can beat me n a game of skate onna scooter im ready for the challange i can do a 12 step i can do a 900 on a halfpipe im pretty good add me on yahoo i will show you some videos babyboy69092006

robert   04-August-2006 - 15:00:03
thanks for the advice with my scooter tricks

can't say   04-August-2006 - 15:25:48
you should do a back flip dude

Brian   12-September-2006 - 18:52:22
I think this web site is awsome because it gives children to get the basics on scootering. Thank you for putting this website on here and the whole Internet, thank you.!

Jeff   24-November-2006 - 09:04:19
Hey you have to cut these guys some slack. I wanna see all u who say i can do better. I mean the gaps were bad but some were really good. For can't say, NA, and Tyler Boner i wanna see u do some backflips or "really awesome tricks". K? And mister o i can can do a 900,Stephen Spencer#21, Try me im not dumb. I wanna see a 900 on scooter.

whatever   23-March-2007 - 21:04:21
Those tricks were ok I guess, but the people in the video should go to a skatepark and do something better than the stuff they were trying to pass a cool in those lame videos.

Joe   26-April-2007 - 21:31:53
Seriously. Where's the fufanu, superman, vertex, etc.? All i saw were a ton of lame tricks (double tailwhip and time warp excluded). Can u tell me what happened to the page?

shane   08-May-2007 - 08:27:13
yo i have no idea what some of those tricks are but im good too...

chan   20-August-2007 - 19:01:37
wow they suck..

not tellin   21-August-2007 - 05:48:29
i want some good tricks like backflips and real grinds!!!!!!!
man people these days!!

pimp fluff   28-January-2008 - 16:45:48
i could do almost any trick except a tailwhip

trick master the 1st   28-January-2008 - 16:48:15
ill smoke every person because im that good if anyone wants to challenge me go to grove street im the one with the scooter?!??! = I

p.missle   23-February-2008 - 13:14:16
Everyone can challange me but i will win i am the ginger ninger legend

crazyman3   05-April-2008 - 20:57:28
I seen somwe crazy tricks but, they don't seem to come close to mine. I don't one to sound to conceited though. I could tell you some.

asq95a   15-September-2008 - 22:30:14
http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=WAmsTstuiCU watch a girl tailwhip and another trick!!!!

C-C   10-June-2009 - 21:24:24
I recently started scootering about a week ago and I got bunnyhop 180bunny hop x up superman bar spin weely and almose tail whip ....go to you tube obey the walrus type it in chrisoz95@aim.com

nick   11-June-2009 - 16:24:11
How to play resident evil5 is easy you have to kill the zombes and press the button like if its for the xbox360 you have to press y x a b and if its to shoot you press the button rl.

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