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Bridge Basics - Comments

Bridge Basics - 12 progressive illustrated lessons on the game of bridge, with review quizzes and a glossary of bridge terms, covering bidding, play, point count, opening bid, bidding goals, responses to one notrump, weak bids, notrump structure, the Stayman Convention, bidding after a raise, slam bidding, defensive play, finess and more

naveen valluri   22-September-2001 - 15:21:27
it was very useful, especially the response to bids

Diana   28-October-2002 - 02:02:49
This site is very knowledgable and helpful for beginners.

Marion   13-April-2003 - 17:01:45
This is what I was looking for to help my friends beyond what I can teach them.

Jim   26-June-2003 - 18:48:29
Very good intro- easy to read and covers all you need to get started.

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