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A Simple Course on Microprocessors - Comments

A Simple Course on Microprocessors - a 21-lesson, text-based course on microprocessors for beginners created by an experienced designer of computer chips and microprocessors, covering the language of microprocessors, decimal vs. binary (and hex), micro commands, memory and addressing, the Dallas semiconductor, assembly language, using an assembler and simulator, BIOS and OS routines, interrupts and the operating system, system resources, the basic system, construction and more

roberto gonzalodo   18-October-2005 - 06:18:45
i am a beginner in computer operation and have been searching books or instructional material that could be of great help in my part. and luckily i found this. i would be grateful if you could help me regarding this matter

Frank   20-October-10 - 09:37:47
Microprocessors also require programming using a low level language. Understanding how microprocessors work and programming go hand in hand. Start by learning an object oriented programming language like C#, and then assembly language. If you want some free books on the subject take a look at this link: http://www.ebookjunkie.com/free_ebooks/tags/programming

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