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Math Tricks - Comments

Math Tricks - a collection of quick, easy and impressive arithmetical tricks you can do in your head invloving multiplication, division and addition with large or small numbers

Dr. J R Grandhe   01-October-2002 - 01:46:05
Your site is incredible.

Nuri KOLAY   01-December-2003 - 17:36:58
I have just found your page in the search engine.I liked this one much better than the others. I have got little children and I want them to be successful using tips for quick calculations. Thank you very much.

George Perez   21-November-2004 - 04:45:02
I am a natural when it comes to math and my sister was always envious. Honestly, half of what I read I already used, however, the other half I just learned is the gonna really make her mad, thanks!!! >:)

christina   05-December-2004 - 02:41:36
I am fifty one yrs of age. Primary years I was deaf, or should I say minimal hearing.Grades were poor.I reached second year high and left for a job in a factory. Now I want to learn, as I have hearing aids, I cannot absorb enough information. I found your site excellent and it has given me more confidence in mathmatics (which is my worse subject).
Thanking you Kindly

Charles   24-April-2007 - 10:46:56
Great site. Can use as a teaching tool in math classes to keep it interesting!

Philip Ujama   11-October-2008 - 16:19:17
From my early age in the elementary I was really poor in math.Thank to
God I got it and thank to you too of sharing your gift with those who are
in need like me.


Nibby   30-October-11 - 20:25:40
Superb information here, ol'e chap; keep brunnig the midnight oil.

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