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Greenlees Park Tennis Centre - Tips - Comments

Greenlees Park Tennis Centre - Tips - a collection of text-based tennis tips on various tennis basics, including finding the right lessons for kids, improving footwork, how to grip a tennis racquet, how to poach, improving anticipation, treating tennis elbow, forehand, backhand, tennis excuses, service, ball toss, flat serves, slice serves, topspin serves, preparing for return of service, string selection, how to search, uncover, and exploit weaknesses, mental toughness and more

judy   16-August-2001 - 07:12:50
fun site, definately worth spending some time with, the kids love the games

Pablo Wittman   06-September-2001 - 09:51:43
I've been a tennis player for seven years now, and I have not ever looked on the internet to search for helpful tips to improve the richness of my overall game. Your vast assortment of links for the tennis enthuisiast is very promising to my eyes! Keep up the good work! E-mail me any new information that could help my tennis game raise up to the next level.

Tina SKELTON   20-September-2002 - 10:00:52
I am doing sports studies for an A-level. Yours was the only website I could find on tennis techniques. Thanks!

roger   25-February-2003 - 17:57:55
great site and thorough.
i'm a tennis coach and i find this site to be very informative and educational...technically.

Simon James Gilmour   22-August-2004 - 16:47:10
my father-in-law beats me each Tuesday evening, with these cool tips I think next week I will have the upper hand.
Keep up the good work, a great site full of good info, thanx.

Sarah   02-January-2005 - 19:23:10
Thanks! This site really helped with my coursework!

tarek   17-February-2005 - 15:29:00
read tarek

C Downer. UK   20-May-2005 - 15:49:44
How can hitting the ball 'bottom Centre' key point 4, be good advice for coaching the serve? have you not made a mistake in advising this?

Ady   01-August-2005 - 21:56:57
I like this site, but it doesn't say how to keep score. 15, love? all that stuff. how does one do it?

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