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Crafts On A Budget: Archives - Comments

Crafts On A Budget: Archives - a large number of text-based guides for a variety of crafts that use inexpensive resources, including recycled crafts, yarn projects, plaster and clay crafts, Valentine's Day, Easter, Thanksgiving and Chirstmas crafts and more

Darlene Sailer   26-July-2002 - 12:39:57
I like to do all sorts of crafts. I crochet, plaster magnets, and alot
more. I enjoy doing all sorts of crafts they keep me busy. I would like
to make some money doing my crafts if I could.
Thank you

Helen Durkin   18-October-2003 - 02:41:46
Thank you

dainelle   19-May-2008 - 16:11:44
your great daughter thanks a lot for the gift

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